Origin of Life

How the creative intelligence/ soul in the form of particle & wavewith its outer expression as Attention synthesizes the proteins to start life on this planet earth.

To create life, the amino acids are made by the particle of light in the form of creative intelligence with its outer expression as attention. This connected particle of light strikes on pure elements through the wave of light and sound to create the first amino acid for synthesizing the proteins to become the first life on earth having ability of absolute intelligence and a capable force to become from one to many.

Attention is the outer expression of this Creative Intelligence that acts like a spark it can see and act in all the directions as a multitasking  capable force with its divine attributes. It is a single sensor of all the senses in a body.

As mind is information based, due to the Ignorance of the acquired mind which does not have the information that there is a first entity within the self in the form of attention as a capable force with divine attributes to move mind and body or time and material.

The power of attention which gets continuously withdrawn by the needs of time bound material body and the time related needs of the mind.

This withdrawal keeps the capable force of attention involved rapidly into the immediate issues of past and future related to mind and body to do their bidding. These two (mind and body) use the attention like a donkey day in and day out. The mind and body don’t have their own energy to move because mind is only information and the body is only material. This is how these two body and mind use the attention for their purposes.

The concept is based on “Wherever the attention goes the capable divine energy flows”. This can be scientifically explained by the particle and wave theory. At the origin of the creation, the particle of light fragmented from one to many carrying the flow of energy. Each energy particle is always connected to its source through the wave in the form of audible stream of life.

Further, with the latest proof in science that the particle has a dual nature and it behaves intelligently i.e. anytime it can become a particle or a wave due to its intelligent action.

All Living Beings in the creation are made of cells. Each cell has a particle in the form of attention that operates intelligently in its self-regulation mode as per the laws of nature. Mind and Body thrive on the energy of the Attention i.e.  Soul/ Creative Intelligence with divine attributes.

Attributes of Anchored Creative Intelligence in the form of attention: Love, Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Patience, Humility, State of Art Planning, Capable Force, etc.

These attributes have the ability to solve all the day to day problems of life due to the divine attributes which further helps living in sustainable peace & harmony.


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Work/Life balance

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Nutrition Plans

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Weight Loss

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Super Being (Absolute Omniscience)

The intelligent being, omniscient all knowing, all pervading.

Absolute intelligence being, the creator in its ultimate bliss a capable force. It behaves intelligently transforms itself from one to many in the form of particles and flows in the form of waves known as audible stream of life.

The particle can become a wave or a particle anywhere anytime due to its intelligent behaviour. It is light, its like a spark that can see and act in all the directions. It is a multitasking capable force. It keeps multiplying itself from one to many.

It has divine attributes. It is creating, managing, destroying and recreating. It is self-contained, self-regulated.

It remains connected through the wave in all the particles and continuously evolves.

It was alone in the beginning in the form of particle of light in ultimate bliss, in the stride of this bliss it felt like loving, to love and to get loved in the essence of bliss. Thus, It became from one to many in the form of particles and waves connected to its source in the form of audible stream of life

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