This ‘Call To Action’ is to plead for everyone’s help to introduce the concept of Gyanam Suvigyanam (GS) (material and higher knowledge) GS is spirituality-based designed to be integrated in India’s in-class education curriculum for children’s cognitive and spiritual empowerment.

We are appealing to parents, individuals, corporate bodies and philanthropists to come forward with donations to enable us to realise an empowerment initiative for our school children in India. The inclusion of GS syllabus will put back the element of soul in our education system which had been dehumanised by the demolition of India’s Gurukuls during the British raj.

Please think about the overall and direct benefits of this spiritual development project. Consider making whatever donations you can manage to facilitate the implementation of our initial stage of the value-education programmes.

This is a mammoth programme requiring crores of rupees. Your donations will help us fund: (1) the costs of the promotion and publicity of the programme in the print, electronic, online and social media, (2) authoring, designing, printing and distribution of textbooks for the development of curricula for all schools, (4) meeting salaries of our administration staff and (5) training school teachers in the pedagogy of GS.

The development of Gyanam Suvigyanam is an independent and voluntary project. It is regretable that such a vital and empowering project which introduces time-tested and ancient knowledge receives no fund, grant or aid from the government, non-governmental organisations, corporations or any national or foreign agencies.

Thank you for your support