Right to Enlightenment

The Right To Enlightenment’ endeavors to map the scientific process of the origin of creation (genesis). It addresses one of the themes that mainly focuses on the Power of Attention as an outer expression of the creative intelligence.

It explains how this philosophy contributes to improving people’s psychology and hence the behaviour with each other and the society while focusing on the individual uniqueness and differences.

This is vital to re-orient us particularly school children to adopt an ancient but very effective meditative technique for mental peace, tranquility, progress and happiness.  The consequent impact of which is a peaceful and harmonious living becomes a reality within a serene and harmonious environment where strife, stress and risks to life arising from violence, hatred and terrorism can be banished.

Our belief pivots on the Creation of the universe by the Absolute Intelligence as an ‘intelligent design’ which is responsible for the dynamic creation and cyclical evolution and dissolution. This is conditional on the pre-existence of an omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent absolute divine Being.

At the macro level the paper establishes the inter-relationship between the three entities which are: Absolute Intelligence (capable divine force), the Universal Mind (operating field) and the floating Material Bodies. e.g. sun, moon, planets, galaxies, etc). This combine as a single entity known as the Universe or the Cosmos. We all are part of that as our fingers are of our bodies.

Our minds are information-based e.g. those who are taught Chinese and Russian will only stick to these languages and will not be able to speak other languages without first gaining them.

From a biological perspective,  agriculture or flora and fauna share the same inherent properties which are pre-programmed in their genetics (as per the laws of nature).

The body and mind are being energised by the power of attention in real time by the connected creative intelligence with its source as Absolute Intelligence and a Capable Force in a parallel mode.

The philosophy

Attention is the outer expression of the soul which is the creative intelligence connected to its permanent and ever-lasting source as Absolute Intelligence and a capable force with divine attributes operating from the centre of the universe.

I will attempt to dwell on the co-relation of Soul, Mind and Body to boost our understanding.  I believe it is our collective responsibility to explain this concept which we owe to our future generations.

Like a computer router or modem which is programmed to listen and route signals Attention is continuously scanning like a motion detection camera on the material issue of the world related to time and material of this body downward and outwards into the world through the senses of the body.

Attention is the key element the responds to the impulse of the body and mind.

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